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Four Keys to a Successful Real Estate Closing August 19, 2009

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Speaking of keys…by the time the parties to a residential home purchase or refinance transaction are ready to close and/or transfer keys to a home, they may be exhausted from an emotional journey.  Trust Title Company strives to take the stress and difficulty from every residential real estate transaction.  Here is how we do it. 

  1. Serve our ClientsPart of the Trust Title Company culture is to listen to, understand and serve the needs of the parties to a real estate transaction.  We provide our clients with a well organized, professional, and planned settlement process to make them feel good about the transaction.  No matter how complex or simple, we help the parties understand all the paperwork which is common to most closings.  We explain transaction title insurance, Goodfaith Estimate charges, and other particulars while our primary focus is the needs of our clients.
  2. Communicate Effectively.  Trust Title Company makes a guaranteed commitment to keep every party fully informed in any closing transaction…beginning with the timely and customer friendly manner we respond to every phone call, email and fax. We have dedicated representatives available prior to, during or after closing to resolve questions.  We also realize the closing table is no time to tell someone what they are expected to provide in order to complete the transaction. We make sure the parties are fully informed of the financial details, understand the HUD1, and other requirements related to closing well before the actual closing date.
  3. Predict the Unexpected.  Creative problem solving depends on a process which allows Trust Title Company to gather information and resolve issues proactively and predict the shifting demands of a real estate transaction. We lean heavily on our technology for instant updated status reporting and access to all relevant transaction information for prompt issue resolution.  Our support of forward planning positions Trust Title Company to anticipate pitfalls and deliver in circumstances others might consider unreasonable or unrealistic.
  4. Process with a Personal Touch.  There are many moving parts in any residential closing transaction – they can be extremely complex and evolve constantly.  Trust Title Company delivers consistent service by utilizing knowledge within a strong, yet flexible process. Our process is a plan for what we want to accomplish and how we intend to accomplish it.  Each core function within the process is enabled by a flexible and consistent approach delivered in a personal manner.  The result is the parties know their transaction will be managed to meet their personal needs.

Trust Title Company ensures our company works for our clients…and not the other way around.  We invite you to contact a representative of our winning team to learn more about our residential closing process and other unique aspects of the Trust Title Company team. 

Trust Title Company is a new breed of national title and settlement service provider for real estate closings and comprehensive loss mitigation solutions.  The firm conducts title searches and closes real estate settlements across the U.S.



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