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The Benefits Of A Post-Loan Closing Survey September 8, 2009

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The Trust Title Company post loan closing survey is a partnership between our company and our lender clients.  Our lender clients gain the chance to identify strengths and fine-tune products and services in need of improvement.  We get to listen to our customers and to communicate the focus and innovations within our company and its culture. 

 The survey is an invaluable resource to help our clients and their customers understand who we are, where we are going, and what we care about.  The following benefits explain in more detail how the Trust Title Company post loan closing survey turns the wisdom of our customers into the secret of success – referrals – for Trust Title Company and our Real Estate Professionals’ partnerships.

1.  Perspective
We all gain from any opportunity to be more effective through self-awareness and self-understanding.  For a title company, that kind of focus is difficult during the mortgage closing and escrow process. 

Trust Title Company and our lender client relationships look to the post-closing survey as a perfect chance to stop the engines and take a good hard look at what’s really going on with the customer.  After all, what we think about ourselves as a company does not matter, its what the customer thinks.  The post-closing survey is the ideal chance for Trust Title Company and our lender clients to stop, listen and learn how each customer feels about their relationships.  

2.  Invaluable Feedback
The Trust Title Company post-closing survey goes beyond proper perspective.  It also provides useful data to track the progress of Trust Title Company and our lender partnerships in multiple facets of the closing process.  The survey is a resource for credible and reliable data vs. what we want to hear.  It will help determine which actions will improve customer service and areas where we are in need of improvement.  Our lender clients find the survey very useful as a benchmark to compare their services to competitors. 

We also use the survey to compare our results with other companies.  Trust Title Company works together as a team and the post-closing survey is a tool to hold ourselves accountable and run better as a whole. 

3.  Customer Referrals
At the end of the day, if they like you, they will want to stick with you…and if they stick with you, they will recommend you!  This is a relationship business and customer loyalty leads to referrals for Trust Title Company and our lender clients. 

Our goal is to create a culture where we listen and our clients and customers love to do business with Trust Title Company.  A post-closing survey is our roadmap to stop, listen and learn what keeps them coming back and which actions will improve customer service.  The post-closing survey also allows Trust title Company and our lender clients to address problems before they affect customer retention.  It is our constant reminder to see Trust Title Company through the eyes of the customer as we grow and evolve in the current real estate climate.

The features of the Trust Title post-closing survey are designed to ensure our closing and settlement process works for our clients and their customers…and not the other way around.  We invite you to contact a representative of our winning team to learn more about our post-closing survey and other unique aspects of the Trust Title Company team. 

Trust Title Company is a new breed of title and settlement service provider for real estate closings and comprehensive loss mitigation solutions.  The firm conducts title searches and closes real estate settlements across the U.S.



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